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Top 3 Best Math Books for SSC CGL

Hi, friends welcome to this blog, most people ask which maths book is best for SSC CGL?
so in this article, you will know the top 5 best maths books for the preparation of SSC CGL.
For some students, mathematics is very tough and they ask how to prepare for the exam.

in the exams, students fail to score in maths in spite of solving all the questions at home and at the tuition classes. Students are unable to solve questions at the given time in the examination and after that students playing the teachers and the books but let me tell you that none of the books are available in the market are bad for preparation Everything depends on you and your IQ that how fast you can do it if you ask from people will see our set one is not enough to answer will see more than enough but it is not that the book is good or bad.

What do new students do?

When a new student start for preparing for SSC CGL exam start to learn the tricks from the very beginning and stud building the basics just mistake should be avoided by the new 20 and they should focus on building the basics of mathematics so here in this article we have some of the best mathematics books for SSC CGL which will help you to learn quantitative aptitude from Basics to prove by the help of which you can crack SSC CGL exam in first attempt.
There are no shortcuts to learn maths you just have to learn from basics.
If you have done coaching anywhere and you you want to study mathematics by yourself at this time the best suggested for you is RSS everything is described in conceptual basis you will be told how to solve the questions step by step.


Rs Agrawal book was released in 1989 this book of quantitative aptitude has a separate respect and special place among the students all the aspirants appearing for any kind of exams.

The book is comprehensive and you get more than 5500 questions with answers.
With the help of this book you can easily grab the basics and theory through the formulas and solved examples.

This book is useful for most of competitive exams some of them are SSC CGL SBI PO CAT MAT Sub Inspector police RRB and UPSC

2 - Rakesh Yadav 7300 + SSC mathematics questions
This is another great book for the students who have cleared all the basics and looking to solve questions. This book contains 7300 objective mathematics questions which have been collected from 1999 to 2019 if you have all the basics of mathematics then you should definitely try this book and check yourself.

3 - Abhinay Sharma maths

If you have done with all basics in mathematics and I want advanced mathematics questions then in this group Abhinay Sharma play with advanced maths you can get some office collection of advanced mathematics questions which will definitely help you to crack SSC CGL exam.
 in this book is very simple words which can be understood by anyone

What do students say about this book they say that this is nice book and also better than Rakesh Yadav because what is your book to solve all the concepts clearly but all the advanced maths problems with basics

4 - Kiran Publication SSC mathematics

When it comes to most trusted publications in the country Kiran Publication lies at the top this book 9500 + objective questions of quantitative aptitude from here 1999 till the date and this questions answer which will be helpful do you know SSC CGL Tier 1 and Tier 2 both as well as other competitive exams.

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