How To Create a Website And Earn Money In 2020 || Make Money Online

How To Create a Website And Earn Money In 2020 || Make Money Online

if you are looking to create a stunning website and earn money in 2020then what are you waiting for here in this article you will find the steps to make money online in 2020 by making a website
if you are creative enough and want o show your ideas to the world through your website or you want to grow your business by making a website then just read the full article shown steps by steps

today everybody needs a website for different purposes obviously you might also need one then what are you waiting for don't wait for anybody you can make your website on your own just follow these simple steps.

steps fo making a website in 2020

1- you will need a particular niche or topic for your website.
    if you don't niche then select a topic in which you are interested in rather than selectng a random niche.

2- make a future palnning (scope of a website) that how many articles can be written, how much are the competition and keyword research.

3- buy a domain for your website and remember to include the name of your keyword in your domain.

4- buy hosting from trusted companies don't go cheap hosting
     or you can go for blogger hosting

5 - keyword research for your niche

6- create unique articles for your website.

7- update your website regularly

8- after successfully writing at least 20-30 articles you can apply for Google Adsense.


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